French culinary heritage

During the month of August, I went on a road-trip in order to deepen our knowledge of the products that we taste in our Food Tours. For four years we have been giving our visitors, during these culinary guided tours, a maximum of information on the making of the products. We had visited the Parisian or Picard laboratories but due to lack of time we missed the field visit in Corsica for the charcuterie, in Provence for the olive oil and in Savoy for the Beaufort. It’s done. We come back with photos, videos, information, and so proud of the work of the charcutiers, the farmers producing olive oil. Faced with the cows we have been talking about for all these years, the mobile milking truck at over 2000 m, I must admit that emotion was there. The cold, in the middle of August, the bells that bear the name of each cow, the passion of the farmer and her daughter, so proud of her cows that she follows from spring to autumn to give them good grass and flowers, and that she comes to milk twice a day, have reinforced, if necessary, our desire to transmit, to explain to visitors what he eats. But what a beautiful country we live in! What a magnificent gastronomic heritage it has bequeathed to us and what beautiful craftsmanship our craftsmen and farmers have. 

Saucissons Paris a dream
Oliviers Paris a dream
Excursion Paris a Dream

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