Visit to Hasnaa’s chocolate Workshop

In the 18th century, Bordeaux was the first French port and the second worldwide. The capital of Bordeaux supplied Europe with cocoa. France’s love for chocolate dates back to the 17th century with the arrival of Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII, and it was in Bayonne that the first chocolate factory existed in 1780.

In our “Food Tour in the center : historical district”, we propose a chocolate and coffee tasting. Not just any chocolate! The one from “Hasnaa Chocolats Grands Crus” that we went to visit at La Fèverie, in the Fondaudège district of Bordeaux.

Hasnaâ Ferreira is from Casablanca, trained as a chocolate confectioner in reconversion and chose Bordeaux to open her first store in 2014. 

Her specificity is to work directly with the cocoa bean to transform it into a chocolate bar or candy. 

The English expression used for this design method is Bean to Bar. Most chocolate makers buy the chocolate mass and not the bean. 

With her husband Vincent and their team, they are committed to supporting local producers by buying the bean at a higher price, in order to support environmental development. Protection of the local fauna and flora and in France eco-responsible policy with a 100% biodegradable packaging outside and inside.

The tasting is wonderful, Hasnaâ likes the vegetable and proposes subtle associations.. Many aromas follow one another according to the chocolates. 

For an appetizer, I let you discover our Episode 3 “From Bean to Bar”, published on YouTube :

The profession of chocolate maker and confectioner is evolving and I am convinced that Hasnaâ is a vanguard of a trend that is expected to grow.

That made you feel like tasting this Grand Cru chocolate and discover more? Visit our Food Tour in the center : historical district.

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