Pastry Class in Bordeaux

Enjoy gourmet and friendly workshop based around emblematic pastries from France and the Bordeaux region.

You’ll leave with lots of advice, recipes and your own creations.
The aim is to refine your knowledge so that you can reproduce at home the recipes you have learned in class.

Each participant makes their own pastries. When a pastry is in the oven, you will make a second pastry or a cream to fill in the cake.

You can also enjoy a little gourmet break over a glass of homemade apple juice and a tasting session.

Throughout the week, we offer you several classes. You will participate in one of these workshops based on the timetable provided by our head pastry chef: 

  • Cannelés and Basque cake workshop: leave with 2 individual Basque cakes and 3 cannelés.
  • Lemon puff or lemon meringue pie & lemon cake workshop: leave with 1 small 150g lemon cake and 2 individual lemon puffs or 2 individual lemon meringue tarts.
  • Traditional brioche and babka workshop: leave with 1 babka 150g, 1 braided brioche and at least 4 individual brioche cakes.
  • Filled Arcachon chouquettes: leave with around fifteen filled chouquettes.
  • Seasonal choux pastry workshop: take home 2 large choux pastries or 4 small choux pastries or 8 macaroons from early September.



  • Please specify any allergies.
  • On Saturdays:
    • Maximum of 6 people per group
    • In English or French only
  • Pastry classes for up to 15 people on request
  • During the Week
    • Maximum of 6 people per group
    • English and French


  • All the ingredients and cooking equipment.
  • The recipes we will send you.


  • Our Chef follows health regulations.