Pastry Class in Bordeaux

Immerse yourself in a gourmet workshop dedicated to the emblematic pastries of France and the Bordeaux region. Come away with professional tips, exclusive recipes and your own tasty creations. Our aim: to enable you to recreate these delights at home, just like a real pastry chef. Each participant makes their own pastries and shares their experience at the end of the workshop.

For 2 hours, learn how to make a dune or a cannelé.

The Dune du Pilat is the highest dune in Europe, but for gourmets, the Dunes are above all irresistible sweets. Imagine crispy chouquettes topped with a light, creamy filling: a veritable cloud under the tooth that seduces every palate. Learn how to create these Dunes and be the unanimous winner!

The cannelé, that little cake from Bordeaux with its delicate scent of rum and vanilla, is fast becoming a worldwide icon, surpassing even Henri IV’s white horse and Saint-Émilion wine. With its caramelized crust and melting center, this delicacy conquers all who taste it. Join us to discover all the secrets behind its creation!



  • Please specify any allergies
  • Courses from 2 to 9 participants
  • On request only
  • Courses available in English, French or Spanish


  • All ingredients and kitchen equipment
  • You’ll get the recipes back at the end of the course


  • Our Chef follows health regulations.


  • 2 people: €290
  • 3 people: €312
  • 4 people: €332
  • 5 people: €350
  • 6 people: €372
  • 7 people: €448
  • 8 people: €464
  • 9 people: €486